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General rules and regulations of Berry Spa

1. All persons attending the Berry Spa are required to read and comply with these rules and regulations. Current version of rules and regulations is available at the SPA front desk and online at


2. Berry Spa – the owners, management, administration, staff and subcontractors shall not be liable for loss or damage to the Guest’s property if left without proper supervision during stay at the Spa. Personal belongings should be kept secure in the lockers, which are located in the changing room.


3. Notwithstanding the applicable legal provisions, Berry Spa – the owners, management, administration, staff and subcontractors shall not be liable for injury, loss of health or property or death suffered on the Spa premises as a result of its use unless they are at fault.


4. The Client represents that prior to active participation in any activity or treatment, he/she shall have regard to his/her state of health and shall not proceed if, due to his/her state of health, it could adversely affect his/her life, health, physical or mental comfort. All guests are advised to undergo a standard medical check-up before visiting the Spa facilities. Particular attention should be paid when participating in physically-demanding activities and using thermal equipment and saunas.


5. By purchasing an admission ticket to the pool and sauna zone or by using other services offered by Berry Spa, the Guest declares that he/she is free of any health problems and that he/she has read and accepts these terms and conditions.


6. Guests of Berry Spa are required to use the changing room located behind the front desk of Berry Spa and Lili Hotel.


7. Spa’s hours of operation
The treatment area is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. except Sundays and bank holidays.
The sauna and pool zone is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Lili Hotel Guests:
The swimming pool and sauna zone is open daily from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.
The treatment area is available on Sundays and holidays only upon prior arrangement at the front desk.


The Spa area is only accessible during its hours of operation. Our hours of operation are subject to change in exceptional cases. The change may mean temporary closure of the SPA, shortening or extending its hours of operation. Use of some or all SPA zones may be temporarily suspended due to emergency repairs, maintenance or other necessary work.


8. Berry Spa reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time prior to its start for circumstances beyond reasonable control, random events. In such cases, Berry Spa shall be obliged to make a new offer or to refund the payment.


9. To maintain comfort of SPA users, it is prohibited to use private radio devices, cameras, recorders, stereo equipment and mobile phones. This includes public zones such as the pool, saunas, changing rooms and treatment rooms.


10. The entire spa zone is a non-smoking area.


11. In the Spa zone, it is prohibited to:

  • be under an influence of alcohol or other intoxicating agents,
  • bring and consume alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating agents,
  • act in a vulgar, aggressive or otherwise improper way,
  • sale and solicitation,
  • bring pets, disturb other guests,
  • it is forbidden to remove SPA equipment outside its premises.

In the event of non-compliance, the violator shall be obliged to leave the Spa upon request of an employee of Berry Spa or security personnel


12. Berry Spa, to ensure order and safety, reserves the right to refuse to provide services on the premises of the Spa and/or to refuse access


13. It is prohibited to conduct any business activity, competitive to Cistercium Sp. z o.o, on the premises of Berry Spa. Competitive business activity includes paid or unpaid performance of activities of similar nature to the services provided by Cistercium Sp. z o.o., particularly within the scope of:

  • biological renewal
  • relaxation treatments, including massage,
  • individual and group fitness or other sports coaching.


14. Advertising in any form is prohibited on the premises without a consent of the Berry Spa Director. It is strictly forbidden to advertise any paid or unpaid services competitive to Berry SPA, provided by other parties, companies or institutions.


15. It is requested that conversations be conducted with a volume of voice that will facilitate other Guests’ relaxation, both during group activities and individual treatments.


16. All towels, bathrobes and make-up remover baskets are to be returned to the spa front desk.


17. All items must be retrieved from the lockers before leaving spa zone. Lockers are inspected daily past closing time. Should the personnel find items left in the lockers, they will be deposited at the SPA front desk for 3 days.


18. SPA guests are required to wear appropriately clothing during their stay – women should wear one-piece or two-piece close-fitting swimsuit or robe, men must wear close-fitting slips.


19. During the winter, Spa visitors are asked to change their shoes in the changing room at the Spa front desk.


20. Upon noticing any irregularities or security breaches, please immediately notify Spa Manager.


21. Any complaints, requests or claims should be submitted to the Bel Mon Resort Director. A complaint and request book is available at the front desk.


22. Complaints shall be investigated and resolved individually by the Spa manager. The complaining Guest shall be informed of the outcome within 48 hours.


23. Berry Spa shall not be liable for damages arising from non-compliance to these terms and regulations.


24. In matters not regulated herein, Polish Civil Code provisions shall apply.


Berry Spa payment regulations

1. Payment for the service provided by Berry Spa is made after the service has been provided, at the Spa front desk, as per the current Berry Spa price list.
2. Payment for admission tickets and services not used within the deadline or after the guest has been removed from the premises in accordance with the rules specified in these Terms and regulations is not refundable.
3. Treatment booking cancellation
It is possible to cancel the treatment free of charge up to 12 hours before it begins.
In case of cancellation made 6 hours before the scheduled appointment, Berry Spa reserves the right to charge the guest with a full treatment cost.


Berry Spa treatment area regulations

1. SPA is a place of peace and relaxation, therefore we ask for an appropriate and calm behavior so as not to disturb each other spa visitors.
2. Persons using the spa treatment area must, prior to their first visit, fill out a customer card available at the Berry Spa/Lili Hotel front desk. Therefore, we kindly request to arrive to Berry Spa/Lili Hotel front desk 15 minutes prior to the first treatment.
3. Taking part in a treatment constitutes a declaration that a participant is free of any medical problems that would render a procedure impossible.
4. Minors are allowed to enjoy the treatments:
– below 16 years of age upon a written consent and in the presence of a legal guardian
– between 16 and 18 years of age upon a written consent and in the presence of a legal guardian. The signature should be submitted in person at the SPA front desk
5. Berry Spa personnel are entitled to stop any treatment if they observe inappropriate behavior of the Guest (e.g. sexual advances, aggression etc.). In such a case, the Guest loses his/her right to a refund.
6. To ensure your comfort and health, please avoid eating large meals less than an hour before your treatment.
7. Please use the benefits of pool, sauna and steam rooms before your treatment or massage, never immediately after, as this can be harmful to your health and skin.
8. Being late for a treatment or massage will result in a shortened treatment or massage without partial refund.


Massages and body treatments

1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled treatment.
2. For a massage, being a full body treatment, it is necessary to prepare in the following way: take a shower in the SPA changing room (women should remove their make-ups), wear disposable underwear, a robe and slippers. All these items shall be available to Berry Spa guests at the Spa front desk/Berry Spa changing room.
3. Berry Spa reserves the right to request nude guests to wear disposable spa underwear, otherwise we may refuse any massage or treatment.
4. Berry Spa does not offer erotic massages. This means that a full body massage does NOT include intimate parts of a body.


Facial and complementary beauty treatments

1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled treatment.
2. As part of the facial treatments, the therapist shall remove make-up in a treatment room.
3. Please be sure to follow your therapist’s recommendations for post-treatment conduct so that you can enjoy desired effect of your treatment.

Swimming pool’s rules and regulations:

1. Berry SPA with a pool and sauna zone is open daily between 9.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m.
2. Visitors pay a fee before entering the pool zone as per current price list.
3. The pool and sauna zone is available free of charge both for Guests of Lili Hotel and the individual clients upon undergoing treatments amounting to more than PLN 350 (say: three hundred and fifty zlotys) with an exception of body sculpting treatments and treatments that utilize hightech equipment.
Otherwise a fee for the pool is as per the current price list.
4. Upon purchase an admission to the pool and sauna zone at the front desk of Berry Spa, Guests receive chip bracelets for the lockers in the changing room of Berry Spa. The bracelets shall be returned upon leaving the premises. If a bracelet is lost or damaged, Cistercium Sp. z o.o. may charge the Guest with a fee of PLN 200.
5. Before entering the pool area, please read the applicable Rules and Regulations.
6. Running and jumping into the water is prohibited in the pool.
7. Individual guests should leave the pool and sauna zone by 8.45 p.m.
The guests of Lili Hotel should leave the pool and sauna area by 10.45 p.m at the latest.
8. Clothes should only be changed in the changing room of Berry Spa.
9. A swimsuit should comply with hygiene and aesthetic/moral requirements and should not have zips or other metal or plastic elements which could pose a threat to health or safety of the user or damage the elements of the swimming pool equipment. Women should wear one-piece or two-piece close-fitting swimsuit, men must wear close-fitting slips.
10. Before stepping into the water, every pool user is required to use a shower and disinfect his/her feet.
11. Parents of children under the age of 3 shall provide their children with protective pull-ups. The pull-ups are available at the front desk.
12. Children under the age of 7 and children with no swimming skills may use the pool only under the supervision of adults – adults should constantly accompany their children at arm’s length.
13. Children under the age of 14 can use the pool only under the supervision of their parents or adult carers.
14. Lounging is permitted in designated areas.
15. Visitors are allowed to use the pool attractions (massagers, whirlpools, saunas, icefall), without restrictions. The abovementioned attractions are included in the admission fee and may be used at the visitor’s own risk.
16. Cistercium Sp. z o.o. shall not be responsible for any corrective glasses and contact lenses brought into the SPA or the pool and sauna zone. The glasses should be worn in a way that prevents them from falling off.
17. In the swimming pool zone it is forbidden to:

  • throw any objects into the water that do not comply with the swimming pool rules and regulations,
  • destroy the equipment,
  • pollute the swimming pool water,
  • cause situations that are hazardous for the pool’s visitors,
  • use rescue and floatation equipment for purposes other than intended,
  • climb onto railings, walls and other equipment forming an integral part of swimming pool facilities.

18. As for the organized groups, the group leader is responsible for its members.
19. Persons whose physical features indicate: skin diseases, ringworm, warts, erythema, rosacea, etc., open wounds, infectious diseases, poorly healing wounds, lack of personal hygiene, epilepsy, frequent intravenous injections, breathing difficulties, balance disorders, aggressive behavior, that are under influence of alcohol and other intoxicants are shall not be admitted to the pool.
20. All cuts, injuries and disorders shall be immediately reported to the nearest Berry Spa employee or directly to the SPA front desk.
21. In the event of loss, contamination or destruction of items or equipment belonging to Berry Spa or Lili Hotel, the Guests are required to financially compensate the damage caused. The amount of compensation shall be determined each time on an individual basis, by estimating losses incurred. The Director of Bel Mon Resort shall decide on the amount of compensation.
22. Bel Mon Resort administration is entitled to temporarily restrict access to the pool in the event of exceeding a maximum number of visitors. In such a case, Lili Hotel guests shall be prioritized to access the pool. The pool can host up to 12 guests at any given time.
23. The administration of Berry SPA shall be entitled to temporarily restrict access to the pool and sauna zone during maintenance works.
24. Organized groups of more than 6 people should pre-register their visit at the Berry Spa front desk due to the limited number of places in the pool basin.
25. Each guest in the swimming pool must immediately comply with any announcements or warning and information signals that are issued.
25. In disputable matters not regulated herein, Polish Civil Code provisions shall apply.

Rules and regulations for the use of saunas and steam rooms at Berry Spa

1. Please read the counter indications and recommendations at the SPA’s front desk before accessing sauna or steam room. If you are not sure whether you can enjoy this type of treatment in your state of health, you should contact your physician prior to the visit. In the case of non-compliance, Cistercium Sp. z o.o. shall not be liable for possible adverse effects on your health.
2. The guest shall read and follow the instructions for use of the sauna and steam rooms which are available both at the SPA’s front desk and at the sauna doors.
3. Guests who are over 18 years of age can use the sauna and steam room without any supervision.
4. Children and persons under the age of 18 may use the sauna and steam rooms only under the supervision of their parents or carers.
5. Saunas and steam rooms should be used as intended, exclusively for wellness. It is prohibited to damage the equipment and to contaminate sauna room, bath and the showers.
6. The Berry Spa personnel shall have the right and duty to inspect the cleanliness and functionality of the sauna and bathing facilities at any time, even while the Guests are using the abovementioned facilities.
7. Be sure to wash your body and disinfect your feet before entering the sauna or steam room.
8. It is forbidden to bring sharp objects, items made of glass, mobile phones, cameras and to consume alcohol or food inside the sauna and steam rooms.
9. Please remove all metal objects before entering the sauna and steam room as they may cause burns.
10. It is advised to remove contact lenses and glasses before entering the sauna and steam rooms.
11. During their stay in the sauna and steam room, the Guests are required to behave appropriately. Wearing a swimsuit or covering body with a towel while using the abovementioned facilities is mandatory. Otherwise, Berry Spa shall have the right to ask the Guest to leave the pool and spa zone without a refund.
12. It is forbidden to use personal fragrance and essential oils or other agents in the sauna and steam room.
13. It is prohibited to lean your body against the heater and its structure in the dry sauna. Such actions may lead to severe burns.
14. When using the steam room, it is forbidden to approach or rest your feet on the steam generator.
15. Berry Spa reserves the right to close the sauna to the public for individual bookings or maintenance work. In such an instance, you will be asked to use other saunas.
16. If you feel unwell, leave the sauna or steam room immediately, hydrate, rest or inform the Berry Spa front desk.
17. Any safety-threatening event in the sauna or damage to the sauna must be immediately reported to the Berry Spa front desk personnel.
18. Observance of the rules and regulations will ensure proper performance of the program and maintain a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Observance of the abovementioned rules and regulations is necessary to ensure safe stay in our saunas and steam rooms.

Gym regulations

1. Reading and complying with these rules and regulations is obligatory to access and use the gym.
2. Before you start training, check the equipment’s technical condition – defects should be reported to Berry SPA front desk personnel.
3. The gym is open to the public, Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
4. Hotel Guests can use the gym free of charge.
5. Anyone under the age of 14 may use the gym only under the supervision of a parent or a carer.
6. Users of the gym equipment exercise at their own risk.
7. If you have a medical condition, you should consult your physician before exercising.
8. Persons violating public order or the provisions of these rules will be removed from the gym, with a possible institution of a petty offence proceedings.
9. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating agents are not allowed to use the gym equipment.
10. It is forbidden to bring any dangerous objects, drugs or psychotropic substances to the gym.
11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco products on the gym is strictly prohibited.
12. Indecent, loud and vulgar behavior is forbidden.
13. Any damage or destruction of the equipment caused by its misuse shall be the sole responsibility of the person who caused such damage.
Such a person shall be liable for full amount of damage.
14. After completing workout, the equipment used should be left clean in a good technical condition.
15. The hotel shall not be responsible for any items, including valuables, brought into the gym by the guests.
16. All complaints and requests should be submitted to the hotel front desk.

Benefits and counterindications for using sauna + how to use a sauna

Benefits and counterindications


Sauna is the best way to restore your strength and relax your body. Regular sauna visits boost the body’s immunity, cleanses your body of toxic substances, enhances metabolism and supports your cardiovascular system.
There are however, a few counterindications, when it is absolutely forbidden to use a sauna, namely:

  • menstruation,
  • pregnancy,
  • nephrolithiasis,
  • epilepsy,
  • acute rheumatoid conditions,
  • pulmonary conditions: infections: cold, tuberculosis, acute asthma,
  • cardiovascular diseases: cardiac insufficiency, coronary heart disease and others,
  • heart diseases and hypertension: all heart diseases with increased pulmonary resistance, degenerative changes in the heart muscle with angina pectoris (best used after consultation with a physician),
  • other conditions: acute and subacute inflammations, ulcers, tumors, infection foci (e.g. in case of toothache), venereal diseases, epilepsy, glaucoma, daltonism and others (it is advisable to consult a physician).


Sauna safety rules:


Dry Sauna:

  • Start with washing your body in the shower, then wipe yourself thoroughly.
  • Enter the sauna, sit or lie down on a towel.
  • Start sauna bathing by sitting on the lower bench, after a few minutes move to the upper bench.
  • Start sauna bathing by sitting on the lower bench, after a few minutes move to the upper bench.
  • After you’re done, cool down your body starting from your feet towards your heart.
  • Once cooled down, relax on a lounge and replenish your body’s fluid levels with some mineral water or juice.
  • Have at least two or three days off before coming back again.


  • Consult your physician before going to sauna.
  • Do not use the sauna if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.
  • Sit on a dry tower.


Steam bath:

  • Begin with washing your body in a shower.
  • Enter the steam bath, sit down or lie on a towel.
  • The length of stay depends individually on your mood and sauna experience (suggested time about 20 mins).
  • After you’re done, cool down your body starting from your feet towards your heart.
  • Once cooled down, relax on a lounge and replenish your body’s fluid levels with some mineral water or juice.
  • A soft body massage is advisable after bath.


  • Consult your physician before going to sauna.
  • Do not use the sauna if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.
  • Sit on a dry tower.
  • Children under the age of 16 are only allowed in the sauna when accompanied by an adult.
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Guide No. 1 - Negative effects of laser hair removal

Negative effects of laser hair removal

Like any procedure – there can be complications following laser hair removal. They usually occur very rarely, but it is important to be aware that they can occur. If they do occur, they are barely ever serious and should not be feared. It is important to keep in mind that every skin reacts differently to the laser and its beam.

On your first consultation visit, your cosmetologist will perform a laser test. It helps to determine how skin responds to the laser and what the patient’s pain threshold is. Therefore, no dangerous scenarios should occur during your target treatments. Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that due to nature of a tool and its purpose (hair follicle burning, located in the deep layers of the skin) some, usually not very painful, complications may occur.


Laser hair removal side effects

What are the adverse effects of laser hair removal? The most common effect of the procedure is a slight redness and a very minor burning sensation on the skin. It is, however, completely normal and should not be worrying. In such an instance, it is recommended to use moisturizing cosmetics that provide relief.

At Berry Spa, you can purchase the appropriate specifics to help your skin recover quickly. The burning sensation or redness does not last long – many patients see it disappear the same day, others – after a few days.


Minimize the risk of adverse effects

You can avoid most of the negative effects by following your cosmetologist’s recommendations pre and post treatment. It is also important to consult with a specialist before undergoing a series of treatments. Such an appointment is aimed at determining any potential contraindications that could make your laser hair removal treatment dangerous.

A cosmetologist’s appointment is required before each series of laser hair removal. Such an appointment to the Berry Spa is completely free of charge. You can schedule an appointment online, by phone or e-mail. Professional support is extremely important for safety reasons. This step cannot be skipped. Both the cosmetologists and our skilled front desk personnel are there to explain the process so that the treatment series is safe and free of any adverse effects.

This is a great time to ask the specialist any questions you may have. A medical history is also taken at Berry Spa, to address any contraindications to the procedure. These include pregnancy and lactation, taking photosensitizing drugs and a history of cancer. Therefore, when talking to a specialist and filling out an interview in the Bel Mon Resort system, honesty is critical.

Our staff will thoroughly explain the laser hair removal procedure and advise how behave prior to a treatment (several weeks and just before your appointment). Before the procedure, you should refrain from taking any photosensitizing medications or herbs and avoid tanning. Tanned skin can block the laser light from reaching the hair follicle. In such an instance hair removal treatment will fail and the skin will get burnt.

Skin must be thoroughly cleansed before the treatment, and specifics such as creams, lotions or deodorants cannot be applied to it. How to behave post and between the treatments? Surely do not tan, use sauna or go to the pool. Skin can be slightly irritated post hair removal, so it’s important to treat it very gently – don’t rub it hard with a towel and use moisturizing cosmetic products.

Berry Spa personnel emphasize that if a patient follows the laser therapist’s instructions, adverse effects are very unlikely to occur.


Contraindications to the laser hair removal treatment

The main contraindication for this procedure is pregnancy and a cancer. The remission period after which procedure can be performed is usually 5 years – following an approval of the primary physician. Taking photosensitizing/hormonal medications (vitamin A – retinoids, isotretinoin) should result in maintaining an interval of 1 to 6 months (if isotretinoin is supplemented) between the end of a drug treatment and laser hair removal. Laser hair removal treatments also cannot be performed during antibiotic treatment. Any skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and skin abrasions are contraindications to the procedure. People struggling with the problem of ingrown hair and accompanying symptoms like swelling, redness, skin irritation, inflammation can safely undergo hair removal treatments. This is one of the methods that have shown to be very effective in tackling this condition! Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy should not undergo laser hair removal treatments, however, proper education of the patient and the procedure-performing professional may render the procedure safe. Taking any medications that increase light hypersensitivity, such as St. John’s-wort or calendula for a period of 7 days will make it impossible to undergo the treatment. It is so because laser beam acts destructively on the hair pigment – melanin, in the case of tanned skin, where there is an increased amount of pigment IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to perform laser hair removal. Furthermore, the laser beam stays in our skin for about 2 weeks post treatment, which means you CANNOT expose treated areas to sunlight for 4 weeks post treatment. Failure to follow these medical recommendations can result in skin burns or long-term discoloration.

Absolute Contraindications:

  • cancers
  • an implanted defibrillator or pacemaker
  • metal implants
  • diabetes
  • chronic skin diseases, e.g. vitiligo, psoriasis, ichthyosis
  • blood clotting disorders, use of drugs that reduce blood coagulability
  • photosensitivity
  • tendency to hyperpigmentation or keloids
  • red, grey, blonde hair – lack of melanin in the hair focile may dramatically reduce effectiveness of the treatment

Absolute Contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • suntan
  • active skin infections
  • taking antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, steroids
  • taking tetracycline antibiotics
  • laser dermabrasion performed within the last three months on the hear removal area
  • some dermocosmetic and surgical procedures
  • radiogram performed one week before surgery
  • menstruation – first three days of a cycle (during the most intensive spotting)
  • drinking alcohol (24 hours before the procedure)
  • epilepsy

Before your first laser hair removal treatment at Berry spa it is advised to schedule a free-of-charge consultation where the cosmetologist will conduct a medical history, answer any of your question, tell you how to prepare for the laser hair removal treatment and conduct a laser test.